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"Bis(1,10-phenanthroline-N,N′)(thiosulfato-O,S)nickel(II)-water-methanol (1/0.92/1.4) and bis(2,2′-bipyridyl-N,N′)(thiosulfato-O,S)nickel(II)-water-methanol (1/2/0.55)"
E. Freire, S. Baggio, R. Baggio and R. Mariezcurrena
Acta Cryst. C 56(8) (2000) 926-929
The title compounds, [Ni(S2O3)(C12H8N2)2]·0.92H2O·1.4CH4O and [Ni(S2O3)(C10H8N2)2]·2H2O·0.55CH4O, are monomeric, containing nickel(II) in a distorted octahedral coordination environment provided by the four N atoms of two bidentate bipy or phen groups and one S and one O atom from a chelating thiosulfate anion. The crystals are highly unstable outside their mother liquors and are stabilized in solution by a not fully determined number of water and methanol solvate molecules. The phenanthroline structure includes two independent moieties related by a non-crystallographic inversion center. The thiosulfate anions display the usual S–O lengthening found when the anion acts in a bidentate mode.
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