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"A coupled-channel analysis of scattering, two-neutron transfer and fusion in medium heavy-ion collisions"
J.E. Testoni, O. Dragún, H. Massmann and M.R. Spinella
Nucl. Phys. A 669(1-2) (2000) 173-195
Scattering, two-neutron transfer and fusion processes are analyzed in the scope of a coupled-channel formalism using collective excitations in the real and a gauge space. A small set of collective states simplifies the calculation of formfactors allowing an easy evaluation of interesting physical quantities such as cross-sections, probability densities, currents, fusion rates, spin distributions and probability sources and sinks in the different channels. The availability of these quantities makes possible an insight that clarifies the underlying reaction mechanisms. In particular, a barrier, modified by the coupling between channels, is introduced, permitting an interpretation of relevant characteristics of the interaction processes. The system 18O+60Ni is specifically studied at energies of Elab=63 and 65 MeV for the scattering and two-neutron transfer, respectively, and at energies around the Coulomb barrier for fusion. In this case, it can be observed that the presence of the transfer channel plays a catalytic role in the enhancement of the fusion cross-section by incrementing the contribution of the dispersion channels.
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