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"Electronic Structure of the Superconducting Layered Ternary Nitrides CaTaN2 and CaNbN2"
J.M. Oliva, R. Weht, P. Ordejón and E. Canadell
Phys. Rev. B 62(3) (2000) 1512-1515
The electronic structure of the layered ternary nitrides CaMN2 (M=Ta,Nb) has been studied and the results are compared with those for the related LiMoN2 phase. It is shown that the former are two-dimensional metals, with a Fermi surface very similar to that of the 1T-TaX2 (X=S,Se) dichalcogenides, whereas the latter is a three-dimensional metal. The three phases show strong covalent bonding within the layers but ionic bonding with the alkali atom sheets.
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