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"Wetting of potassium surfaces by superfluid 4He: A study using variational properties of the chemical potential"
L. Szybisz
Phys. Rev. B 62(6) (2000) 3986-3996
The wetting of planar surfaces of K by superfluid 4He films at T = 0 K is theoretically studied. In order to examine the consistency of numerical results new variational properties of the chemical potential, μ are derived. Two substrate-adsorbate interactions are analyzed: (a) the standard “3-9” one and (b) the more elaborated potential recently proposed by Chizmeshya, Cole, and Zaremba (CCZ). New results calculated within the framework of two different nonlocal density functionals (namely, those known as the Orsay-Paris and Orsay-Trento formalisms) are reported. It is demonstrated that, the numerical solutions obtained from the theoretical equations verify with high accuracy the derived variational conditions. The main output of this investigation is the finding that, for both analyzed adsorption potentials, thick enough helium films exhibit a positive square of the third-sound velocity. The wetting of a potassium substrate by superfluid 4He at T = 0 K suggested by experimental data is guaranteed in the case of the recent CCZ potential.
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