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"Structure of the vacuum states in the presence of isovector and isoscalar pairing correlations"
D.R. Bes, O. Civitarese, E.E. Maqueda and N.N. Scoccola
Phys. Rev. C 61(2) (2000) 024315/1-14
The long standing problem of proton-neutron pairing and, in particular, the limitations imposed on the solutions by the available symmetries, is revisited. We look for solutions with non-vanishing expectation values of the proton Δp, the neutron Δp and the isoscalar gaps. For an equal number of protons and neutrons we find two solutions where the absolute values of proton and neutrons gaps are equal but have the same or opposite sign. The behavior and structure of these solutions differ for spin saturated (single l-shell) and spin unsaturared systems (single j-shell). In the former case the BCS results are checked against an exact calculation.
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