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"Transition strengths in odd-odd 80Rb"
M.A. Cardona, G. García Bermúdez, R.A. Kaye, G.Z. Solomon and S.L. Tabor
Phys. Rev. C 61(4) (2000) 044316/1-8
Lifetimes of levels in 80Rb have been measured using the Doppler shift attenuation method. The high-spin states have been populated through the 55Mn(28Si, 2pn) reaction at 90 MeV. Collective enhancement was observed in the B(E2) values of the two most strongly populated bands, while the B(M1) values of the yrast band exhibit a large alternating pattern. Transition quadrupole moments were deduced from E2 transition strengths and compared with those predicted by Woods-Saxon cranking calculations.
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