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"Coupling modes in doubly odd nuclei: The case of 172Ta"
D. Hojman, M.A. Cardona, M. Davidson, M.E. Debray, A.J. Kreiner, F. Le Blanc, A. Burlón, J. Davidson, G. Levinton, H. Somacal, J.M. Kesque, F. Naab, M.J. Ozafrán, P. Stoliar, M. Vázquez, D.R. Napoli, D. Bazzacco, N. Blasi, S.M. Lenzi, G. Lo Bianco and C. Rossi-Alvarez
Phys. Rev. C 61(6) (2000) 064322/1-21
High-spin states in doubly odd 172Ta were investigated in two different experiments by means of in-beam γ-ray and internal-conversion electron spectroscopy techniques. Excited states of 172Ta were populated using the 159Tb(18O, 5n) and 165Ho(12C, 5n) reactions at beam energies of 93 and 79 MeV, respectively. Eleven rotational bands, including twin bands in the normal deformation regime, have been observed and their configurations discussed. Three isomeric states have been found and their half-lives measured. Alignments, band crossing frequencies, and electromagnetic properties have been analyzed in the framework of the cranking model.
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