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"Alternating parity bands in 218Fr87"
M.E. Debray, M.A. Cardona, D. Hojman, A.J. Kreiner, M. Davidson, J. Davidson, H. Somacal, G. Levinton, D.R. Napoli, S. Lenzi, G. De Angelis, M. De Poli, A. Gadea, D. Bazzacco, C. Rossi-Alvarez and N. Medina
Phys. Rev. C 62(2) (2000) 024304/1-5
States in doubly odd 218Fr have been studied using in-beam spectroscopy α-γ-γ coincidence techniques mainly through the 209Bi(18O, 2αn) reaction at 94 MeV bombarding energy, using the 8π GASP-ISIS spectrometer at Legnaro. 218Fr shows a band structure, with interleaved states of alternating parities connected by enhanced E1 transitions. Tentative spin assignment and the relation between the structure of 218Fr and its isotone 220Ac is discussed.
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