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"Electronic Fine Structure in the Electron-Hole Plasma in SrB6"
C.O. Rodriguez, R. Weht and W.E. Pickett
Phys. Rev. Lett. 84(17) (2000) 3903-3906
Electron-hole mixing-induced fine structure in alkaline earth hexaborides leads to lower energy (temperature) scales, and thus a stronger tendency toward an excitonic instability than in their doped counterparts (viz. Ca1-xLaxB6, x ≈ 0.005), which are high-Curie-temperature, small-moment ferromagnets. Comparison of Fermi surfaces and spectral distributions with de Haas.van Alphen, optical, transport, and tunneling data indicates that SrB6 remains a fermionic semimetal down to (at least) 5 K, rather than forming an excitonic condensate. For the doped system the Curie temperature is higher than the degeneracy temperature.
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