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"Short circuit current vs. cell thickness in solar cells under rear illumination: a direct evaluation of the diffusion length"
J.C. Plá, M.J.L. Tamasi, C.G. Bolzi, G.L. Venier and J.C. Durán
Solid State Electron. 44(4) (2000) 719-724
The dependence of the short circuit current of a solar cell with its thickness is analysed for rear illumination. Under certain conditions, a simple linear regression in a semilogarithm scale is found. Using these results, an almost direct evaluation of the minority carrier diffusion length in the base region of crystalline silicon solar cells is achieved. For the other hand, from the experimental point of view, monochromatic light is not required and the equipment requirements are minimised. The model presented in this paper is theoretically evaluated using a 1-dimensional simulation code. Some preliminary experimental results are also shown.
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