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"Sn and Sb Diffusion in α-Fe"
R.A. Pérez, D.N. Torres, M. Weissmann and F. Dyment
Proc. of the "International Conference on Diffusion in Materials" (DIMAT2000), Paris, France, July 17-21, 2000. Ed. Y. Limoge and J.L. Bocquet
Defect. Diffus. Forum, Vol.194-199 (2001) 97-102
The effect of the magnetic ordering on the diffusion of Sn and Sb in α-Fe was investigated. Measurements were made in an extended temperature range (673-1163 K) and (673-1073 K) respectively, using several techniques like Rutherford backscattering spectrometry (RBS), heavy ion RBS (HIRBS) and serial sectioning, in superposed ranges of temperature. By spanning the temperature range with respect to the previous works, the Arrhenius plot shows the variation of the slope at the Curie temperature and a slight curvature in the ferromagnetic region. The curvature observed is well fitted by a model developed by Ruch et al. The parameter that takes into account the influence of the magnetic order in the vacancy mobility during the Sn and Sb diffusion process is quite similar to that observed in Fe self-diffusion; then no magnetic interaction between the impurities and the matrix is postulated.
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