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"Signature Inversion in πi13/2×νi13/2 Structure in 178Ir"
D. Hojman, M.A. Cardona, D.R. Napoli, S.M. Lenzi, C.A. Ur, G. Lo Bianco, C.M. Petrache, M. Axiotis, D. Bazzacco, J. Davidson, M. Davidson, M. De Poli, G. de Angelis, E. Farnea, T. Kroell, S. Lunardi, N. Marginean, T. Martínez, R. Menegazzo, B. Quintana and C. Rossi Alvarez.
Eur. Phys. J. A 10(3) (2001) 245-248
High-spin states in 178Ir were investigated by means of in-beam γ-ray spectroscopy techniques using the multidetector array GASP. Excited states of 178Ir were populated through the 159Tb(24Mg, 5n) fusion-evaporation reaction at E(24Mg) = 131-141 MeV. Several rotational bands were observed. Among them, the πi13/2 νi13/2 structure has been identified up to spin 36 h. This band exhibits an anomalous signature splitting and a signature inversion around spin 25 h.
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