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acta de conferencia
"LaMn1-xSnxO3+δ: depression of the magnetization"
L. Morales, A. Caneiro, R.D. Sánchez and D. Vega
Proc. of the "International Conference on Magnetism" (ICM 2000), Recife, Brazil, August 6-11, 2000. Ed. Dr. S.M. Rezende
J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 226-230, Part 1 (2001) 806-808
This work presents results on the magnetic response of LaMn1-xSnxO3+δ (x=0.00, 0.025, 0.05 and 0.1). Homogeneous samples of composition up to x=0.1 were obtained by synthesis at temperatures lower than 750 C. Magnetization (M) measurements as a function of T at 5000 Oe and at low applied magnetic field (100 Oe, ZFC-FC condition) show a depression of M as a function of Sn concentration. M vs H/T curves can be described by a Langevin function. The magnetic study reveals the presence of short magnetic order suggesting the existence clusters with a superparamagnetic behavior.
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