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"Structure and stability of superfluid 4He systems with cylindrical symmetry"
L. Szybisz and S.M. Gatica
Phys. Rev. B 64(22) (2001) 224523/1-13
The structure and stability of superfluid 4He systems with cylindrical symmetry are studied. Ground-state energies and density profiles are computed by using density functional approaches. A model to understand the energetics of cylindrical systems is developed by following the main ideas of the Droplet Model utilized to describe spherical clusters. The necessary condition for stability is formulated by imposing a positive longitudinal isothermal compressibility along the principal axis of the cylinder. It is shown that free cylinders of 4He at T=0 K are unstable. As an example of the evolution towards stable systems results for liquid 4He confined by cylindrical nanopores in Cs are reported.
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