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"Ultrathin µc-Si Films Deposited by PECVD"
R. Rizzoli, C. Summonte, J. Plá, E. Centurioni, G. Ruani, A. Desalvo and F. Zignani
Thin Solid Films 383(1-2) (2001) 7-10
The crystalline fraction of microcrystalline silicon films 18-200 nm thick, deposited by VHF plasma and by chemical transport deposition (CTD) was characterised by Raman and optical measurements. On a p-type CTD sample, thinner than 20 nm, a crystalline fraction as large as 78%, to our knowledge the largest obtained by VHF plasma on p-type films in this thickness range, was measured. Transmission electron microscopy shows crystallites extending to the interface with the substrate. Electrical conductivity in the range 10-2–100 S/cm, and 10-1–101 S/cm after annealing at 250°, was measured. Weak dependence of crystalline fraction and electrical properties on thickness was observed.
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