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artículo con referato
"Bis(μ-acetato-κ3O,O′:O′)bis[bis(acetato-κ2O,O′)diaquadysprosium(III)] tetrahydrate"
R. Baggio, J.C. Muñoz and M. Perec
Acta Cryst. C 58(10) (2002) m498-m500
The title compound, [Dy2(C2H3O2)6(H2O)4]·4H2O, crystallizes in the form of dimeric units related by an inversion centre. Each cation is nine-coordinate, binding to two water molecules and three acetate groups, two of which are bidentate and the third tridentate. This last acetate group acts as a bridge between neighbouring metal atoms, leading to an intradimer DyDy separation of 4.170 (1) Å.
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