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"Mössbauer Spectroscopy studies of some intermetallics in the Zr-Nb-Fe system"
C. Ramos, C. Saragovi, M. Granovsky and D. Arias
Hyperfine. Interact. 139-140(1-4) (2002) 363-368
Samples with the following compositions: Zr62Nb14Fe24, Zr65Nb10Fe25 and Zr52Nb10Fe38 were studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy. All of them showed a ternary cubic Ti2Ni-type phase (QS: 0.30±0.02, IS: -0.14±0.01) and traces of Zr2Fe phase (QS: 0.86±0.03, IS: -0.29±0.01). Zr β phase (QS: 0.22±0.01, IS: -0.11±0.01) was also detected except in the case of the richer Fe sample. In addition to these expected phases, a hexagonal MgZn2-type phase was determined. The assigned parameters for this phase are: QS: 0.38±0.04, IS: -0.28±0.02. These results suggest a revision of the diagram.
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