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"Characterization of the Laves Phases Zr(Cr,Fe)2 Oxidized in an Open Furnace Using Mössbauer Spectroscopy"
F. Saporiti, P. Bozzano, R. Versaci, C. Ramos, P. Vázquez, I. Raspini and C. Saragovi
Hyperfine. Interact. 139-140(1-4) (2002) 379-386
Three Laves phases Zr(Cr0.40Fe0.60)2, Zr(Cr0.95Fe0.05)2 and Zr(Cr0.15Fe0.85)2 were characterized when oxidized 7 min using Analytical Electron Microscopy (AEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Mössbauer spectroscopy (MS) techniques. The first sample occurs as a hexagonal structure (C14) the other two as cubic (C15) structures. Oxidation modified them but their corresponding Laves phases still, remained. Besides, Zr2-xOx, Cr oxides, α-Cr, (Fe, Cr) oxides, α-Fe and α-Fe2O3 were formed in the Fe-rich samples at variance of the Cr-rich one, in which α-Fe and -Fe2O3 were absent. The appearance of -Fe supported the model previously suggested for the oxidation of the Laves phases. Results also suggested that future oxidation times have to be chosen accordingly to the composition of the Laves phases to follow stages of their oxidation.
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