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"Multisensor Array and Pattern Recognition Techniques for Characterization of Different Mate Brands"
D. Rodríguez, A. Boselli, A. Lamagna, I. Elmi, S. Zampolli, S. Reich, L. Murruni, C. Arrieta, R. Marabini and J. Giménez
Proc. of the "7th Italian Conference on Sensors and Microsystems" (AISEM 2002), Bologna, Italy, February 4-6, 2002. Ed. C. Di Natale, A. D'Amico, L. Dori, G.C. Cardinali and S. Nicoletti
Sensors and Microsystems, World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore (2002) 131-133
ISBN: 978-981-238-181-1 (hardcover)
978-981-4487-34-4 (eBook)
We report preliminary results of our first prototype of electronic nose (e-nose) for discrimination between different mate brands. This work shows advances along the three main lines of our e-nose system: i) development and characterization of each of the six sensors in the array, ii) electronic interface for control of the sensor array and for data acquisition and iii) design and optimization of the pattern recognition algorithm.
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