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"Open Circuit Voltage in Homojunction and Heterojunction Silicon Solar Cells Grown by VHF-PECVD"
R. Rizzoli, E. Centurioni, J. Plá, C. Summonte, A. Migliori, A. Desalvo and F. Zignani
J. Non-Cryst. Solids. 299-302, Part 2 (2002) 1203-1207
We present homojunction and µc-Si/a-Si:H/c-Si heterojunction silicon solar cells fabricated by PECVD. The H2 dilution used during the i-layer growth strongly affects the device efficiency. While intermediate H2 dilution of the gas mixture results in Voc degradation, the best Voc is obtained under zero or very high (= 99.4 %) H2 dilution, resulting in totally amorphous or epitaxial i-layer respectively. A maximum value of 638 mV, with 13.7% efficiency, is observed in the former case, indicating improvement of interface quality. In the latter case, a 606 mV Voc and 13.1% efficiency are observed.
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