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"Temperature Dependence of ESR Anisotropy in La7/8Sr1/8MnO3"
G. Alejandro, C.A. Ramos, D.R. Vega, M.T. Causa, J. Fontcuberta and M. Tovar
Proc. of the "5th Latin American Workshop on Magnetism, Magnetic Materials and their Applications" (LAW3M '01), San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina, September 3-7, 2001. Ed. C.A. Ramos, B. Alascio, M.T. Causa, M. Tovar.
Physica B Condens. Matter. 320(1-4) (2002) 26-29
We report X-ray diffraction, DC-susceptibility, electron spin resonance (ESR), and dilatometry measurements carried out on an La7/8Sr1/8MnO3 single crystal. Thermal expansion was measured along different crystallographic axes using a three-terminal dilatometer. The sharp anomalies observed in the temperature dependence of Dl/l allowed us to locate the Jahn-Teller transition at TJT = 285(1)K: ESR experiments were carried out in the paramagnetic regime from 220 to 570K, at 9.4 GHz. We measured the ESR line width DHpp(T) with the magnetic .eld parallel to the crystallographic directions [1 0 0] and [0 0 1], referred to the orthorhombic (Pbnm) axes. We correlate the temperature dependence of DHpp with the structural changes of the lattice.
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