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"A New Class of Matrix Models Arising from the W-Infinity Algebra"
H.D. Herce and G.R. Zemba
Phys. Lett. B 537(1-2) (2002) 141-146
We present a new class of hermitian one-matrix models originated in the W-infinity algebra: more precisely, the polynomials defining the W-infinity generators in their fermionic bilinear form are shown to expand the orthogonal basis of a class of random hermitian matrix models. The corresponding potentials are given, and the thermodynamic limit interpreted in terms of a simple plasma picture. The new matrix models can be successfully applied to the full bosonization of interesting one-dimensional systems, including all the perturbative orders in the inverse size of the system. As a simple application, we present the all-order bosonization of the free fermionic field on the one-dimensional lattice.
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