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"Numerical Study of Quasiparticle Lifetime in Quantum Dots"
A.M.F. Rivas, E.R. Mucciolo and A. Kamenev
Phys. Rev. B 65(15) (2002) 155309/1-8
The decay rate of quasiparticles in quantum dots is studied through the real time calculation of the single-particle Green function in the self-consistent approximation. The method avoids exact diagonalization, transforming the problem into a system of coupled non-linear integral equations which may be solved iteratively. That allows us to study systems larger than previously treated in the literature. Our results for the inverse participation ratio of many-body states show that the threshold energy for the quasiparticle disintegration is E*~sqrt(gΔ). The delocalization transition is soft rather than sharp. Three different regimes as function of the effective interaction strength may be clearly identified at high energies.
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