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"High-Spin States in Doubly Odd 166Tm"
M.A. Cardona, D. Hojman, M.E. Debray, A.J. Kreiner, M. Davidson, J. Davidson, D.R. Napoli, D. Bazzacco, N. Blasi, S.M. Lenzi, G. Lo Bianco and C. Rossi Alvarez
Phys. Rev. C 66(4) (2002) 044308/1-25
High-spin states in doubly odd 166Tm were investigated by means of in-beam γ-ray spectroscopy techniques using the multidetector array GASP. Excited states of 166Tm were populated using the 160Gd(11B,5n) reaction at a beam energy of 61 MeV. Known rotational bands have been extended to higher spins and their configurations have been discussed. Alignments, band crossing frequencies, and electromagnetic properties have been analyzed in the framework of the cranking model. Signature inversion in the πh9/2 νi13/2 structure is discussed. Calculations in the framework of the Particle Rotor Model with p-n interaction included have been able to reproduce the inversion. E1 decay modes were observed in competition with E2 intraband transitions.
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