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"Decoherence for Classically Chaotic Quantum Maps"
P. Bianucci, J.P. Paz and M. Saraceno
Phys. Rev. E 65(4) (2002) 046226/1-12
We study the behavior of an open quantum system, with an N-dimensional space of states, whose density matrix evolves according to a nonunitary map defined in two steps: A unitary step, where the system evolves with an evolution operator obtained by quantizing a classically chaotic map (baker's map and Harper's map are the two examples we consider). A nonunitary step where the evolution operator for the density matrix mimics the effect of diffusion in the semiclassical (large N) limit. The process of decoherence and the transition from quantum to classical behavior are analyzed in detail by means of numerical and analytic tools. The existence of a regime where the entropy grows with a rate that is independent of the strength of the diffusion coefficient is demonstrated. The nature of the processes that determine the production of entropy is analyzed.
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