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"Polymeric hexaaquahexakis(μ3-2,2′-oxydiacetato)trizinc(II)digadolinium(III) dodecahydrate"
R. Baggio, M. Perec and M.T. Garland
Acta Cryst. C 59(5) (2003) m175-m177
A polymeric heterometallic compound, {[Gd2Zn3(C4H4O5)6(H2O)6]·12H2O}n, comprising zinc(II) and gadolinium(III) cations bridged by carboxylate groups from oxydiacetate ligands, is presented. The GdIII cations lie at sites with crystallographic 32 symmetry and display a tricapped trigonal-prism arrangement, which is defined by six carboxyl and three ether O atoms. The ZnII cations lie at sites with imposed 2/m symmetry and are octahedrally coordinated by four carboxyl O atoms and two apical water ligands, which form strong intramolecular hydrogen bonds. Comparison is made with the previously reported isostructural homologous copper-gadolinium complex.
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