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"Head-to-head dimers in the zwitterion of 1-hydroxy-1-phosphono-3-(1-piperidino)propylidene-1-phosphonate (PHPBP)"
D. Fernández and D. Vega
Acta Cryst. C 59(12) (2003) o661-o663
The title compound, C8H19NO7P2, is a member of the bisphosphonate family of therapeutic compounds. PHPBP has inner-salt character, consisting of a negatively charged PO3 group and a positively charged N atom. The six-membered piperidine ring adopts an almost-perfect chair conformation. The hydroxyl group and the N atom have gauche and trans conformations in relation to the O-C-C-C-N backbone, respectively. Hydrogen bonding is the main contributor to the packing in the crystal, which consists of head-to-head dimers formed through phosphonyl-phosphonyl hydrogen bonds, while O–HO and N–HO interactions join the dimers into a plane parallel to crystallographic b and c axes.
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