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"Redetermination of catena-poly[bis[chloro(μ-pyridine N-oxide-κ2O:O)copper(II)]-di-μ-chloro]"
A.M. Atria, P. Cortés, M.T. Garland and R.F. Baggio
Acta Cryst. E 59(11) (2003) m967-m969
The title compound, [Cu2Cl4(C5H5NO)2]n, is a one-dimensional polymer in which the CuII atoms are alternately bridged by two O atoms [CuCu = 3.2131 (10) Å] and two Cl atoms [CuCu = 3.7061 (11) Å]. The metal centers display a very distorted coordination geometry, with the four stronger bonds defining a CuCl2O2 polyhedron midway between square planar and tetrahedral, which serves as the base of a pyramid, while the loosely bound Cl atom in the bridge occupies the apex. The simultaneous presence of a good hydrogen-bond acceptor and an adequate C-H donor leads to a network of C–HCl interactions.
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