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"Microstructural Analysis of Carbon Films obtained from C60 Fullerene Ion Beams"
H. Huck, E.B. Halac, M. Reinoso, A.G. Dall'Asén, A. Somoza, W. Deng, R.S. Brusa, G.P. Karwasz and A. Zecca
Appl. Surf. Sci. 211(1-4) (2003) 379-385
Carbon films have been produced by accelerating C60+ ions on silicon substrates with energies between 100 eV and 800 eV. The resulting films have been characterized by Raman and Positron Annihilation spectroscopies. Different deposition regimes have been distinguished depending on the energy of the incident fullerenes. At low energies intermolecular covalent bonds begin to insinuate, while at higher energies there is a coexistence of polymeric and amorphous carbon islands. Furthermore the samples have been annealed in order to study their thermal behavior. The results of Raman and positron annihilation spectroscopies are explained in terms of the structure obtained at different deposition energies.
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