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"Symmetry violations in nuclear Hamiltonians and their consequences for electroweak decays"
D.R. Bes and O. Civitarese
Proc. of the "3rd International Conference on Nonaccelerator New Physics Joint Institute for Nuclear Research" (NANP-2001), Dubna, Russia, June 19-23, 2001.
Phys. Atom. Nuclei 66(3) (2003) 438-443
We discuss the results of the treatment of nuclear Hamiltonians in terms of collective and intrinsic variables. The BRST method is adapted to identify spurious and physical sectors of the wave functions and operators. Counterterms are added to the Hamiltonian to enforce the symmetries broken by the single-particle field and/or by the residual two-body interactions. We focus on the study of Fermi and Gamow-Teller transitions, with reference to the nuclear double-beta-decay processes, and on the study of vector operators (λπ = 1-) with reference to (μ, e-) conversion processes. We address the following aspects of the problem: (a) Isospin symmetry and the calculation of 0+ and 1+ states; sensitivity of the Fermi and Gamow-Teller response in double-beta-decay processes; (b) Restoration of the translational and Galilean invariance of the nuclear Hamiltonians and the calculation of Iπ = 1- states; sensitivity of the nuclear response to the spurious center-of-mass motion and μ-electron lepton-flavor-violation processes.
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