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"Cross Sections for the Excitation of Isovector Charge-Exchange Resonances in 208Tl"
G. Colò, S.M. Lenzi, E.E. Maqueda and A. Vitturi
Phys. Rev. C 67(4) (2003) 044306/1-5
The Glauber approximation for the treatment of heavy-ion scattering has already been shown to give reliable predictions for the reaction cross section in the particular case of intermediate energy charge-exchange processes. In the present work, we couple a Glauber-type model to microscopic random phase approximation calculations of the charge-exchange excitations of 208Pb. The aim is to solve the long-standing question whether the very elusive charge-exchange isovector monopole has been really identified in the past experiments, or other multipoles were prevalent in the observed spectra.
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