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"Pseudo-Random Unitary Operators for Quantum Information Processing"
J. Emerson, Y.S. Weinstein, M. Saraceno, S. Lloyd and D.G. Cory
Science, Vol.3025653 (2003) 2098-2100
In close analogy to the fundamental role of random numbers in classical information theory, random operators are a basic component of quantum information theory. Unfortunately the implementation of random unitary operators on a quantum processor is exponentially hard. Here we introduce a method for generating pseudo-random unitary operators that can reproduce those statistical properties of random unitary operators most relevant to quantum information tasks. This method requires exponentially fewer resources, and hence enables the practical application of random unitary operators in quantum communication and information processing protocols. Using a nuclear magnetic resonance quantum processor we demonstrate the realization of pseudo-random unitary operators that reproduce the expected random distribution of matrix elements.
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