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"Lateral Force Microscopy Profiles for Amorphous Potentials"
A.M.F. Rivas, R.R.M. Zamora and R. Prioli
Proc. of the "4th International Conference on Scanning Probe Microscopy, Sensors and Nanostructures", Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, May 26-29, 2002. Ed. D.P. Allison
Ultramicroscopy 97(1-4) (2003) 315-320
In this work the lateral force profiles of the scanning force microscope tip, on an amorphous surface, were simulated with the use of an independent oscillator model. The correlation between the lateral force profiles and the surface potential were studied as a function of the tip-surface normal force and relative scanning velocity. It is shown that, the microscope resolution is governed by the quotient between the average potential interaction energy and the average elastic energy stored before the jumps. We show that there is an optimal velocity with which the scanning tip better senses the surface potential and we present its scaling laws.
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