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"The Zn2+ salt of pamidronate: a role for water in the metal-cation binding properties of bisphosphonates"
D. Fernández, G. Polla, D. Vega and J.A. Ellena
Acta Cryst. C 60(2) (2004) m73-m75
Pamidronate (3-ammonium-1-hydroxypropylidene-1,1-bisphosphonate) is used clinically in the treatment of diseases affecting bone tissue. In the salt zinc pamidronate dihydrate, Zn2+·2C3H10NO7P2-·2H2O, pamidronate is a zwitterion with an overall charge of -1. The carbon chain adopts a trans conformation, separating maximally the positively charged N atom from the negative phosphonate groups. The Zn2+ ion lies on an inversion center and is surrounded by a sixfold coordination sphere provided by two bidentate chelating zwitterions and two water molecules. The bidentate OZnO bond angle is 92.70 (7)°, while the OO bite distance is 3.018 (3) Å.
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