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"Microdistributions of prospective BNCT-compound CuTCPH in tissue sections with a heavy ion microbeam"
P. Stoliar, A.J. Kreiner, M.E. Debray, M.E. Caraballo, A.A. Valda, J. Davidson, M. Davidson, J.M. Kesque, H. Somacal, H. DiPaolo, A.A. Burlon, M.J. Ozafrán, M.E. Vázquez, D. Minsky, E.M. Heber, V.A. Trivillin and A.E. Schwint
Proc. of the "11th World Congress on Neutron Capture Therapy" (ISNCT-11), Boston, Massachusetts, USA, October 11-15, 2004. Ed. J.A. Coderre, M.J. Rivard, H. Patel and R.G. Zamenhof
Appl. Radiat. Isot. 61(5) (2004) 771-774
Microdistributions of the prospective BNCT-compound CuTCPH, a carborane-containing tetraphenylporphyrin with one Cu atom in its molecular structure, have been obtained in tissue sections of different organs of tumor-bearing and normal Syrian hamsters injected with the boron compound by employing a heavy ion microbeam. High resolution X-ray spectroscopy following micro-PIXE (Particle Induced X-ray Emission with micrometer-sized beams) with a focused 16O ion beam was used. Focusing was performed with a heavy-ion scanning high-precision magnetic quadrupole triplet microprobe. Squamous Cell Carcinomas were induced on the right Cheek Pouch of Syrian Hamsters (HCP), sampled, cryo-sectioned and freeze-dried. Two-dimensional maps of elemental concentration were obtained by scanning the beam over the samples. Very non-uniform Cu concentrations were found in all sections.
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