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"137Cs Contamination in Tea and Yerba Mate in South America"
D.E. Di Gregorio, H. Huck, R. Aristegui, G. De Lazzari and A. Jech
J. Environ. Radioactiv. 76(3) (2004) 273-281
Gamma-ray spectra from more than fifty samples of food products available in stores of Buenos Aires city were measured using a germanium detector. We found concentrations of 137Cs up to 10 Bq/kg in tea manufactured in Apóstoles, Misiones-Argentina. Further measurements of tea leaves, yerba mate leaves and soils, all coming from a cultivated area in this region, also show the presence of 137Cs contamination. Our data support the idea that the area was fertilized with a product originated in a region of the Earth where the consequences of the global fallout due to nuclear weapons tests and/or the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident were important.
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