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"Tango Array.: 1. The Instrument"
P. Bauleo, C. Bonifazi, A. Filevich and A. Reguera
Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 516(2-3) (2004) 414-424
The TANGO Array is an air shower experiment, which has been constructed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was commissioned during the tear 2000 becaming fully operational in September 2000. The array consists in 4 water Cerenkov detector stations enclosing a geometrical area of ~30,000 m2 and its design has been optimized for the observation of Extended Air Showers produced by cosmic rays near the “knee” energy region. Three of the detectors have been constructed using 12,000 liter stainless steel tanks, and the fourth has been mounted in a smaller, 400-liter plastic container. The detectors are connected by cables to the data acquisition room, where a fully automatic system, based on the features of a 4-channel digital oscilloscope, was set for data collection. This automatic experiment control, which does not require operator intervention, includes monitoring, data logging and daily calibration of all stations. This paper describes the detector sand their associated alectronics, and details are given on the data acquisition system, the triggering and calibration procedures, and the operation of the array. Examples of air shower traces, recorded by the array, are presented.
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