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acta de conferencia
"Band Contribution to the Electronic Transport in Noncollinear Magnetic Materials: Application to LaMn2Ge2"
S. Di Napoli, G. Bihlmayer, S. Blüegel, M. Alouani, H. Dreyssé and A.M. Llois
Proc. of the Workshop "At the Frontiers of Condensed Matter II - Magnetism, Magnetic Materials, and their Applications", Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 22-26, 2004. Ed. C. Saragovi, J. Guevara, R. Weht, A.M. Llois and M.T. Causa
Physica B Condens. Matter. 354(1-4) (2004) 154-157
The intermetallic ternary compounds of the type RMn2X2 (R=Ca, La, Ba, Y and X=Si, Ge), crystallizing in the ThCr2Si2 structure, show a large variety of collinear and noncollinear magnetic ground states (GS) depending on R and X and thus are good candidates for studying the dependence of the band structure contribution to the electronic transport on the different magnetic configurations. In this contribution we focus our analysis on LaMn2Ge2. A qualitative understanding of the change in the conductivities with the magnetic structure in this material is provided on the basis of its coherent electronic structure.
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