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acta de conferencia
"Phase coexistence regimes in La0.325Pr0.300Ca0.375MnO3"
M. Quintero, A.G. Leyva, P. Levy, F. Parisi, O. Agüero, I. Torriani, M.G. das Virgens and L. Ghivelder
Proc. of the Workshop "At the Frontiers of Condensed Matter II - Magnetism, Magnetic Materials, and their Applications", Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 22-26, 2004. Ed. C. Saragovi, J. Guevara, R. Weht, A.M. Llois and M.T. Causa
Physica B Condens. Matter. 354(1-4) (2004) 63-66
We studied electric and magnetic properties of polycrystalline La0.325Pr0.300Ca0.375MnO3, a manganese oxide-based compound exhibiting intrinsic multiphase coexistence of submicrometric ferromagnetic, charge-ordered and charge-disordered regions. Time relaxation in both resistivity and magnetization were observed in a broad temperature range, signaling that coexisting phases are out of equilibrium. Different regimes of instability are presented and discussed.
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