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"Abrupt field-induced transition triggered by magnetocaloric effect in phase-separated manganites"
L. Ghivelder, R.S. Freitas, M.G. das Virgens, M.A. Continentino, H. Martinho, L. Granja, M. Quintero, G. Leyva, P. Levy and F. Parisi
Phys. Rev. B 69(21) (2004) 214414/1-5
The occurrence at low temperatures of an ultrasharp field-induced transition in phase-separated manganites is analyzed. Experimental results show that magnetization and specific-heat steplike transitions below 5 K are correlated with an abrupt change of the sample temperature, which happens at a certain critical field. This temperature rise, a magnetocaloric effect, is interpreted as produced by the released energy at the transition point and is the key to understand the existence of the abrupt field-induced transition. A qualitative analysis of the results suggests the existence of a critical growing rate of the ferromagnetic phase, beyond which an avalanche effect is triggered.
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