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"Two flavor color superconductivity in nonlocal chiral quark models"
R.S. Duhau, A.G. Grunfeld and N.N. Scoccola
Phys. Rev. D 70(7) (2004) 074026/1-8
We study the competition between chiral symmetry restoration and two flavor color superconductivity (2SC) using a relativistic quark model with covariant nonlocal interactions in the mean field approximation. We consider two different nonlocal regulators: a Gaussian regulator and a Lorentzian regulator. We find that, although the phase diagrams are qualitatively similar to those obtained using models with local interactions, in our case the superconducting gaps at medium values of the chemical potential are larger. Consequently, we obtain that in that region the critical temperatures for the disappearance of the 2SC phase might be of the order of 100.120 MeV. We also find that, for ratios of the quark-quark and quark-antiquark couplings somewhat above the standard value 3/4, the end point and triple point in the T-μ phase diagram meet and a phase where both the chiral and diquark condensates are non-negligible appears.
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