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"Simultaneous Electric and Magnetic Field Induced Non-Volatile Memory"
M. Quintero, A.G. Leyva and P. Levy
Appl. Phys. Lett. 86(24) (2005) 242102/1-3
We investigate the electric field induced resistive switching effect and magnetic field induced fraction enlargement on a polycrystalline sample of a colossal magnetoresistive compound displaying intrinsic phase coexistence. Our data show that the electric effect (presumably related to the presence of inhomogeinities) is present in a broad temperature range (300 to 20 K), being observable even in a mostly homogeneous ferromagnetic state. In the temperature range in which low magnetic field determines the phase coexistence fraction, both effects, though related to different mechanisms, are found to determine multilevel nonvolatile memory capabilities simultaneously.
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