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"Complete fusion of weakly bound nuclei applying the delayed X-Ray technique: the 9Be + 144Sm system"
P.R.S. Gomes, I. Padron, O.A. Capurro, J.O. Fernández Niello, G.V. Martí, R.M. Anjos, J. Lubian, R. Veiga, E. Crema, A.J. Pacheco, J.E. Testoni, A. Arazi, M.D. Rodríguez, M.E. Ortega and M. Trotta
Brazilian Journal of Physics 35(3b) (2005) 902-905
The detection of delayed X-rays produced by the decay that follows electron capture in the residual nuclei has been used in the past for the determination of fusion cross sections of tightly bound nuclei. In this work we applied this technique to study the effect of the break-up of a weakly bound projectile, like in the case of the 9Be + 144Sm system. Preliminary results of the complete fusion in this system at near barrier energies are presented.
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