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"Prohesion and Outdoors Tests on Corrosion Products developed over Painted Galvanized Steel Sheets with or without Cr(VI) Species"
M. Zapponi, T. Pérez, C. Ramos and C. Saragovi
Corros. Sci. 47(4) (2005) 923-936
Painted galvanized steel sheets with a new product that replaces pretreatment + primer without hexavalent chromium species were tested submitting them to Prohesion G-85 test (PT) and to outdoor marine exposure test (OT). Goethite, lepidocrocite, magnetite, akaganeite and silicates were found in OT samples coinciding with the usual corrosion products obtained for conventional painting schemes (with Cr(VI)). Surprisingly in PT samples greigite was detected, showing that the new painting scheme is susceptible to microbiological corrosion. Goethite, lepidocrocite, pyrite, magnetite and akaganeite were also found. This study allows the conclusion that in the PT the corrosion mechanism is different from that in the OT for the analyzed samples and could not be used to predict the performance of this kind of outdoor exposed materials.
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