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"Smoothed Wigner Functions: A Tool to Resolve Semiclassical Structures"
A.M.F. Rivas, E. Vergini and D. Wisniacki
Eur. Phys. J. D 32(3) (2005) 355-359
The Wigner and Husimi distributions are the usual phase space representations of a quantum state. The Wigner distribution has structures of order 2. On the other hand, the Husimi distribution is a Gaussian smearing of the Wigner function on an area of size and then, it only displays structures of size . We have developed a phase space representation which results a Gaussian smearing of the Wigner function on an area of size σ, with σ ≥ 1. Within this representation, the Husimi and Wigner functions are recovered when σ = 1 and σ  2 respectively. We treat the application of this intermediate representation to explore the semiclassical limit of quantum mechanics. In particular we show how this representation uncover semiclassical hyperbolic structures of chaotic eigenstates.
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