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"High Spin Structure of 34S and the Proton-Neutron Coupling of Intruder States"
P. Mason, N. Mãrginean, S.M. Lenzi, M. Ionescu-Bujor, F. Della Vedova, D.R. Napoli, T. Otsuka, Y. Utsuno, F. Nowacki, M. Axiotis, D. Bazzacco, P.G. Bizzeti, A. Bizzeti-Sona, F. Brandolini, M.A. Cardona, G. de Angelis, E. Farnea, A. Gadea, D. Hojman, A. Iordachescu, C. Kalfas, Th. Kröll, S. Lunardi, T. Martínez, C. Petrache, B. Quintana, R. Ribas, C. Rossi Alvarez, C.A. Ur, R. Vlastou and S. Zilio
Phys. Rev. C 71(1) (2005) 014316/1-8
The nucleus 34S has been studied up to relatively high spin (I = 10) and up to an excitation energy of 16.64 MeV. Data are compared with different shell model calculations where effective interactions involving two main shells, the sd and the fp, are used. For the first time in an N ≠ Z nucleus, it is observed that the promotion of an isoscalar (T=0) proton-neutron pair to the fp shell becomes energetically favored at high spin.
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