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"Negative Parity Pentaquarks in Large Nc QCD and Quark Model"
D. Pirjol and C. Schat
Phys. Rev. D 71(3) (2005) 036004/1-15
Recently, the 1/Nc expansion has been applied to the study of exotic baryons containing both quarks and antiquarks. We extend this approach to exotic states with mixed-symmetric spin-flavor symmetry, which correspond in the quark model to negative parity pentaquarks, and discuss the large Nc predictions for their mass spectrum. The heavy exotics Qq4 transform as 3,6,15 and 15′ under SU(3), while the light states qq4 include the exotic multiplets 10,27,35. We give mass relations among these multiplets in the 1/Nc expansion. In the quark model, the mass splittings between these states are given by color-spin interactions. Using the observation of an anticharmed exotic by the H1 Collaboration, we give predictions for the masses of other expected heavy pentaquarks.
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