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"Decays of Non-Strange Positive Parity Excited Baryons in the 1/Nc Expansion"
J.L. Goity and N.N. Scoccola
Phys. Rev. D 72(3) (2005) 034024/1-7
The decays of nonstrange positive parity excited baryons via emission of a pseudoscalar meson are studied in the framework of the 1/Nc expansion to order 1/Nc. In particular, the pionic decays of the l=0 Roper baryons and of the l=2 baryons in the mass interval 1680-1950 MeV are analyzed using the available partial decay widths. Decay widths by emission of an ν meson are shown to be suppressed by a factor 1/Nc2 with respect to the pionic ones.
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