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"Differences in the crystal structures of two dialkyl diester triphenylphosphonium ylids"
F. Castañeda, C. Jullian, C.A. Bunton, M.T. Garland and R. Baggio
Acta Cryst. C 63(4) (2007) o267-o270
Hydrogen bonding and crystal packing play major roles in determining the conformations of ethyl methyl 2-(triphenylphosphoranylidene)malonate, Ph3P=C(CO2CH3)CO2CH2CH3 or C24H23O4P, (I), and dimethyl 2-(triphenylphosphoranylidene)malonate, Ph3P=C(CO2CH3)2 or C23H21O4P, (II). In (I), the acyl O atom of the ethyl ester group is anti to the P atom, while the O atom of the methyl ester group is syn. In (II), the dimethyl diester is a 1:1 mixture of anti-anti and syn-anti conformers.
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