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"Glucosilate kaurenoic acid sesquihydrate"
A. Huertas, D. Vega, J.A. Rodriguez, C. Rojas, R. Toprrenegra and O. Rodriguez
Acta Cryst. E 63(12) (2007) o4880
The title compound, C26H42O9·1.5H2O, was extracted from the leaves and flowers of Ageratina vacciniaefolia, a Colombian native plant, which is called ‘chilca’ by locals. The molecule consists a kauranol group connected to a glucopyranosyl group by an O-atom bridge adjacent to a β-type anomeric center. In the crystal structure, intermolecular O–HO hydrogen bonds link molecules to form a three-dimensional network. One solvent water molecule lies on a crystallographic twofold axis, while another is disordered over three sites with equal occupancies.
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